5852 Qualification to Operate Fork Trucks

Ausbildung zum Führen von Hubstaplern - Sprache: Englisch
Enhance your job possibilities with a fork truck operator license! During this fork truck Training, you get all theoretical and practical content according the Austrian laws. You will be optimally prepared for the exam. After passing the exam, you get the legally recognized fork truck operator license in a check card format. English knowledge required.

2 Kurstermine
11.10.2021 - 19.10.2021

320,00 eur
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11.10. bis 15.10.2021,
Mo bis Do 17 bis 21:45 Uhr,
Fr ab 14 Uhr Praxis,
Prüfung am 19.10.2021,
Di ab 17 Uhr

Kursdauer: 23 (Einheiten)

Wiener Straße 150
4021 Linz

28.2. bis 4.3.2022,
Mo bis Do 17 bis 21:45 Uhr,
Fr ab 14 Uhr Praxis,
Prüfung am 8.3.2022,
Di ab 17 Uhr

Kursdauer: 23 (Einheiten)

Wiener Straße 150
4021 Linz

5852 Qualification to Operate Fork Trucks


Fork Truck Operation license is an important additional qualification. Various facilitations for privately payers give you the possibility for almost free WIFI fork truck training.

During this fork truck training you get all theoretical and practical content. So you be optimally prepared for the exam. With this additional qualification you will increase your personal field of application and value in your job. When load transport is not your main purpose, owning the driving license for fork truck could be an advantage for short term tasks. Use the WIFI and WIFI-trainer experience – 2000 people get their driving license after passing WIFI training.

The exam will take place after end of training. Training and exam will be given in English language.

With the first lesson you get your training manual. The costs for the manual are included.

High Facilitations for Privately Payers (almost for free training)!

  • OÖ Bildungskonto (30%) AND ADDITIONALY
  • AK-Bildungsbonus (40%, max. 110,- Euro)
  • remaining costs (incl. travel costs!) can be enforced during employees assessment as advertising costs

AK - official representation of employees

Even the amount („Tatsächliche Kurskosten“ – 60,40 €) including the travel costs (km-Geld) can be enforced during employees assessment (tax averaging) as advertising costs



  • Basics in mechanics and electrics
  • Design and function of fork truck
  • mechanical and electrical equipment of fork truck
  • Operation and maintenance
  • legal provisions and guidelines, have to be observed by fork truck operators


  • Operation- and skill exercises with fork truck


A few days after end of training the fork truck exam will take place. Costs for the exam are included. For the exam committee you give proof of you new qualification. With positive achievement you receive the valued fork truck license and with it an important additional qualification for your whole business life. Despite attending the training you don’t pass the exam, you are able to re-participate the training free of charge. That is called WIFI-Wissensgarantie (WIFI knowledge (transfer) guarantee)

After passed WIFI exam, you get the Fork Truck Oberator license, issued in the practical check card format.

You don’t have to take a personal photo with you.


All interested persons beginning with approx. 18 years and warehouse logistics apprentices

Important Note

Occupational or private restraints, job change, beginning of work, and so on, doesn’t effect on your training booking!

If you don’t want attend the training – never mind the reason – you have to unsubscribe at least 2 week before training start. Otherwise an annulation fee has to be payed!

Nonattendance without annulation nevertheless the training has to be payed!

Duration and content are designated by law. This is the reason for a 100% attendance on this training.

Persons (Apprentices) below age of 18 years are able to receive a fork truck operator license. Operating of self-driving work equipment (fork trucks) is genially forbidden.

A factual authorization for persons under 18 years to operate fork trucks is only given with a positive notification by Arbeitsinspektoriat (Health and Safety Executive acc. §8 Abs. 1 KJBG-VO)

This notification will be given in individual cases (apprentices warehouse logistics - job description acc. BGBl. II Nr. 105/2001) and additional, specific criteria are satisfied.

In Addition

Persons, having no possibility to get additional fork truck skills, WIFI offer single driving trainings. This training will be given by experienced trainers (location WIFI Linz, 2 training units, prize 125€). 

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